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A Beautiful Home for Hanuman!


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How has Hanuman touched my life? It would take a poet like Tulsidas to explain. But Hanuman has been my ishta dev since 1986, when Ram Dass first came into my life, years after I first read "Be Here Now," through the grace of a Seva project in Los Angeles. 

Time flew by, and the river kept flowing, and eventually, kneeling next to Ram Dass one day on Maui, I was blessed with a name. "Anjani," he said firmly, his hand resting on my head, "that's who you are." Holding me with his timeless gaze, he said, "You are Hanuman's mother, Anjani, the Mother of Compassion, giving birth to compassion."  

For the past five years, a 3-foot tall, 90-pound Hanuman has stood on the altar at my little house in Oregon. He came through grace and magic, this embodiment of service and devotion, and his presence inspires, comforts, encourages, delights, and overwhelms me. Jai Jai Jai Hanuman!

The temple in Taos where Hanuman has lived is heavenly and singing to him there is grace. But Hanuman is growing! His love and his power are growing, and his family in America is growing. So to welcome all who come to him for shelter, for blessing, and for his grace, he needs a much bigger temple in order to serve.

For this reason, I invite you to dip your cup in the river and pour the water that flows into it into this great bowl. The love in your heart will help build this temple for Hanuman!  Tiny chipmunks and great bears all helped Ram in his epic journey. Love is the key.

Every gift is a miracle of love. Any amount that warms your heart, that shows your love, whether a few rupees or centavos, or a thousand dollars, it is a miracle of love. Every gift, whether tiny or grand,will amplify the beauty and grace that Hanuman brings into our world and mirror the love in your heart. 

By His Grace and due to the unstoppable love of devotees,

the $50,000 Challenge Match that began on March 1st,

was met on Saturday, May 23rd!

A total of $51,007 was raised, more than meeting the match a week before it ended!

Now the matching $50,000 can be added, for a total of $101,007, bringing the total raised toward the $600,000 final goal to $567,056.

Hanuman Das update's about the temple on February 24, 2020 here

   This collective seva is the legacy that will stand in testament to the message of unwavering service, unconditional love, and an unshakable commitment to  Sri Neem Karoli Baba’s teachings to Love Everyone, Serve and Feed Everyone, Remember Ram, and to Tell the Truth. 

The Sri Neem Karoli Baba Hanuman Mandir will stand for generations to come.


Since 2016, by Maharaj-ji’s Grace, construction on the mandir has continued almost nonstop. Now we are only 5% - $43,000 - away from meeting the goal we set to complete the full foundation of the temple.  

The Sri Neem Karoli Baba Hanuman Mandir was consecrated on July 13, 2019 after moving our beloved Hanuman-ji into His new mandir with great fanfare and appropriate pujas. 

Although not entirely finished, the consecration of the temple took place in conjunction with Guru Purnima for two primary reasons. The first is that it was strongly felt that Hanuman-ji was simply ready to move, that the leap between the old temple and the new mandir was imminent and He could not wait any longer. For those of us who care for Him daily, it was possible to see the anticipation in the expression on Hanuman-ji's face and to feel His anticipation at expanding into a new larger space built just for Him.


Please enjoy this video of Hanuman-ji's great leap from His old home to His new mandir

                                            The second reason was Ram Dass’s strong desire to see his dream manifested in reality - the opening could not be put off. For these two reasons, as well as the summer being a better time to host a large gathering, an occupancy permit was applied for even though many details were not yet completed. 


       While the new temple is fully usable and has become a natural part of the flow of the ashram, there is a need to finally finish the work and complete Hanuman's new home. The floor still needs to have a considerable amount of work done, there is still a lot of cabinetry work to complete, the sound system and necessary adjustments for acoustics are still not complete and there is more cement work to be done on the exterior.


The new Mandir for Hanuman has been an intention of the ashram, Ram Dass and many devotees for over forty years.

Hanuman is installed, the temple is being used daily and is functioning beautifully, but it is not finished! Let’s finish it!

As in the Ramayana, Taos Hanuman-ji has brought Ram’s ring to Sita, who represents our soul and the Earth Mother.

With it come tidings of Her eminent release from captivity.

Hanuman’s message brings the promise of love and faith, the faith that moves mountains.

His presence, no doubt, will reunite Sita with Ram, our souls with the Supreme.

In the Taos temple Hanuman plays a special role in this historic transmission of devotion and wisdom from India to the West and

His mission to deliver Ram’s ring to Sita is a reality.

Jai Guru Dev!

Please read more about the new temple below, visit here to see photos of the construction, and visit the consecration and inauguration photo gallery here.


To learn more about How Hanuman Came to America, please go visit here.

If you would like to donate via mail please note "Mandir Fund" on the memo portion of the check and mail to: 
Neem Karoli Baba Ashram
PO Box 1710 Taos, New Mexico 87571
To contribute by credit card by phone please call: 
To find out more about supporting the mandir with satsang gatherings, peer-to-peer giving, ashram sustainability, or for questions regarding contributions and gifts, please contact Annapurna Devika at 575-770-5866.  

It has been said that Maharaj-ji did not seek funds to build His temples; rather, the funds and building materials came when needed. An endeavor such as this can only be accomplished by Him!


“Maharaj-ji had Hanuman in every temple He built. That’s a clue, that Hanuman is important to Maharaj-ji. In building this Hanuman temple, we sevites respond to Maharaj-ji’s love for Hanuman. Building this temple is bringing us closer to Maharaj-ji. This temple will be a gathering place for devotees, who through Hanuman will come to know Maharaj-ji. I visited Jaipur, the place where Hanuman was made. I met the family that carved Hanuman. They were excited to make our flying Hanuman, who would fly over the ocean to the USA and now Hanuman will reside in a beautiful new temple made just for Him. My heart is happy and filled with joy!” – Ram Dass

Maharaj-ji’s Taos ashram was established over forty years ago when our Hanuman-ji, commissioned by Ram Dass, arrived in the U.S. The ashram began as a humble and informal gathering place for devotees to remember Baba, share stories and food, and to enjoy the company of satsang. In 1981, the milking room in the 100-year-old adobe barn was converted into a tranquil temple room where Hanuman was installed. To this day, Hanuman-ji still sits on part of the original mango wooden crate in which he made the long journey from India to America.

This is the only Hanuman mandir being constructed in Maharaj-ji’s name in the United States at this time, following Baba’s long and loving tradition of building Hanuman temples throughout India for the benefit of the surrounding communities.

Construction of Hanuman’s New Temple began in September 2016 with a fire puja and we've been amazed at how quickly the construction has moved. The nearly completed temple is already a beautiful addition to this sacred ground.

As Maharaj-ji’s teachings and Hanuman-ji’s example of unconditional love and seva spread, the temple has become a place of pilgrimage for hundreds of devotees and visitors who come for darshan. Having outgrown our small multi-use space, we put plans in place to build this new Mandir that would meet our growing communities needs and provide the home we promised Hanuman-ji nearly 40 years ago when we first opened His crate in Taos.